Webinar - Getting back to care - Dr. Wendy Thanassi
TB Management

Webinar – Getting back to care

TB programs became the foundation of early responses to COVID-19 - bringing their expertise in case-finding, contact investigations, screening and testing.

Now, as the world urgently rebuilds disrupted core health services for TB, we have an opportunity to draw on the innovations that evolved during COVID-19 and perhaps emerge even stronger in our collaborative efforts to eliminate TB.

Join Dr. Wendy Thanassi as she reviews the global impact of COVID-19 on TB diagnosis and reported incidences, major policy updates and resource allocations. She will also highlight the unexpected upside that all the world’s attention, money and innovations could bring to the global battle to End TB.

Recommit to care and reinvest in TB
Webinar: Dr. Wendy Thanassi discusses the global impact of COVID-19 on TB diagnosis and reported incidences.

Dr. Wendy Thanassi

Dr. Thanassi is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. After completing undergraduate studies at Yale University, she attended Stanford Medical School and returned to Yale for residency training. Research months spent in Cape Town, South Africa introduced her to the ravages of TB and ignited a now decades-long interest in the disease. Dr. Thanassi left Stanford Emergency Medicine to run the Veterans' Health Administration’s Occupational Health Service in Palo Alto, California. Over the past 10 years she championed the use of IGRAs for TB screening in healthcare workers, researched, published, presented widely in the US and overseas, and collaborated on the 2019 CDC MMWR of TB Screening, Testing and Treatment in Health Care Personnel. She is now a Clinical Associate Professor affiliate at Stanford Hospital and Medical Clinics.

Dr. Wendy Thanassi World TB Day 2022