QIAGEN is committed to conducting business lawfully, ethically, and with high integrity. These fundamental values and principles are the undisputed key to the long-term success of our company. QIAGEN’s Executive Committee stands for these values and principles and each employee in their function is expected to conduct business in full accordance with the law and the applicable ethical standards. To support our commitment, QIAGEN has established a Compliance Program under the leadership of the Head of Global Legal Affairs and Compliance. The program is further supported by the Global Compliance Manager and the Compliance Committee, which coordinates our Compliance efforts and consists of leaders from Legal, Internal Audit, HR, Trade Compliance, SEC Reporting and Clinical and Medical Affairs. The Compliance Program is overseen by the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board.

Our Corporate Code of Conduct and Ethics, which is available in several languages is accompanied by a number of specific corporate compliance policies, which translates applicable legal, regulatory and ethical requirements into clear, precise and understandable guidelines for our employees. Each employee has to acknowledge the acceptance and understanding of these policies, such as the QIAGEN Anti-Corruption Policy. The applicable global and local compliance policies are available for all employees on our company’s intranet.

We have established a whistleblower system for the reporting of severe misconduct within our company and/or in our supply chain via the QIAintegrity Line and protect whistleblowers who report in good faith. Additionally, our Compliance Program offers a direct email and telephone hotline for our employees to address questions about and suggestions for the improvement of our Compliance Program.

Compliance awareness of our employees in all areas of the world is further increased by regular trainings. We offer a wide range of compliance courses through our Compliance eLearning portal, QIAlearn. This portal is accessible to all employees at any time. Each employee is required to know the laws and regulations concerning their own workspace, area of responsibility or field of interest.

QIAGEN does not tolerate non-compliance of our policies and provide that detected issues are properly reported and promptly responded with corrective action.