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TopTaq DNA Polymerase

Read phase-out notice below
For highly reliable end-point PCR applications with unrivaled ease of use

  • Storage at 4°C allows immediate reaction setup
  • Convenient room-temperature handling
  • A single, preoptimized protocol suitable for all PCR assays
  • High yields of specifically amplified DNA

TopTaq DNA Polymerase combines a number of convenient and unique features to provide unrivaled ease of use and ensure high DNA yields in a wide range of PCR applications. The unique TopTaq Stabilizer included in the enzyme storage buffer allows storage of TopTaq DNA Polymerase at 4°C and reaction setup at room temperature without time-consuming thawing of reagents. CoralLoad Concentrate, which contains two gel-tracking dyes for easier pipetting visualization and immediate gel-loading of PCR products, is also provided. High yields of PCR products are achieved, even when amplifying a range of different sized products using the same Mg2+ concentrations and annealing temperatures.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is phasing-out until October 15, 2020, and afterward, available only until stocks last. Visit the product page of the successor kit to view improved features or to request a trial kit.


For more information and FAQs on this transition, visit: www.qiagen.com/PCRresource.


Applications PCR, RT-PCR, DNA fingerprinting
dNTP's included No
Enzyme activity 5' -> 3' exonuclease activity
Mastermix No
Reaction type PCR amplification
Real-time or endpoint Endpoint
Sample/target type Genomic DNA and cDNA
Single or multiplex Single
Storage conditions Fridge storage and room temperature setup
With/without hotstart Without Hotstart

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For standard and specialized end-point PCR applications without the need for optimization
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