QIAsymphony DNA Maxi Kit

For automated purification of DNA from 1–96 samples


The QIAsymphony DNA Maxi Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
QIAsymphony DNA Maxi Kit (96)

Cat. No. / ID:  937266

For 96 preps of 4 ml each: 2 reagent cartridges, 2 piercing lids, 2 reuse seal sets, buffers and Proteinase K solution
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  • Process 24 samples in 4.75 hours
  • Reduce risk of human error with prefilled reagent cartridges
  • Automate tracking of samples and reagents using a bar code system
  • Get highly intact DNA regardless of stabilization method

Product Details

Automate the purification of high-quality gDNA from human whole blood samples (up to 4 ml) using the QIAsymphony SP.


Automated DNA purification from 4 ml on the QIAsymphony SP results in high yields (measured via  gel electrophoresis and  spectrophotometer) of high-molecular-weight DNA (see  High-molecular-weight DNA) in 4.75 hours (see  QIAsymphony DNA Maxi Kit workflow), and even faster for 2 ml or for fewer than 24 samples.

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The QIAsymphony DNA Maxi Kit uses an interlaced system (see  QIAsymphony DNA Maxi Kit workflow) that shortens the time needed to complete the process:

  1. The QIAsymphony SP takes 1 ml from the 4 ml sample and lyses that portion.
  2. While the first 1 ml is in the bind process, a second 1 ml is taken from the sample and gets lysed simultaneously.
  3. DNA from this 1 ml is bound with the same magnetic beads that were used for the first 1 ml. While this is happening, the third 1 ml is being lysed.
  4. DNA from the third 1 ml is bound in the same magnetic beads used with the previous portions. At the same time, the fourth 1 ml is being lysed.
  5. DNA from the last 1 ml portion is bound like the others.
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The QIAsymphony SP performs all 4 steps (lyse, bind, wash and elute) of the purification procedure for up to 36 samples in a single run.

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ApplicationsPCR, real-time PCR, genotyping
Elution volume200–500 µl
Main sample typeHuman whole blood
Sample amount2 or 4 ml (smaller volumes can be adjusted with PBS to 2 or 4 ml)
Yield60–150 µg from 4 ml sample (on average; samples with particularly high or low WBC count may fall outside that range)


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For use with the QIAsymphony SP instruments (software version 5.0 or higher)
For use with the QIAsymphony SP instruments (software version 5.0 or higher)
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For use with the QIAsymphony SP instruments (software version 4.0 or higher)
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