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Enzymes for Molecular Biology

We will catalyze your success

QIAGEN customers around the globe are all seeking answers from the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins. Our customers trust QIAGEN to deliver high quality reagents, kits and instruments to analyze precious samples or generate valuable commercial returns. Now you can purchase enzymes from QIAGEN with the same confidence. We don’t just make improvements possible; our enzymes make improvements happen. 

All enzymes in the range of our quality products are produced by QIAGEN. By extending and consolidating our list, QIAGEN is committed to making the industry’s best enzymes available to our customers.

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The complete enzyme portfolio is coming

Are you looking for enzyme quality, enzyme reliability and enzyme consistency? Soon you will be able to stock your lab with specialized polymerases and ligases from our comprehensive list of enzymes for molecular biology.

Make every DNA or RNA modification count whether you are cloning, labeling, sequencing, joining, exchanging, nicking or repairing.

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Quality at QIAGEN

Enzyme purity and qualification

All QIAGEN enzymes are subjected to strict quality control and assessment of physical purity.

Enzyme product specifications include the source or nature of the protein and a Unit definition. Quality control reports typically state the Specific Activity of the enzyme and analyses may include a Unit characterization assay, measure of protein concentration (OD280) and tests for contamination.

It is possible to request a Certificate of Analysis and see the quality control data for your product.

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Compliant, certified facilities

Lot-to-lot consistency

Reagent lot-to-lot inconsistencies can lead to failures in experimentation and time wasted on troubleshooting and delays. Reduce or avoid the cost of extensive qualification and validation by relying for all your molecular biology needs on an enzyme from QIAGEN, a supplier with a track record of quality control and quality assurance.

QIAGEN maintains ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facilities, in Hilden, Germany and Beverly, USA.

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