Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit

For use with the Rotor-Gene Q

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Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit (115V)

Cat. No. / ID:  9001602

3 Rotor-Disc 100 packs for 15–25 µl reaction volumes, Rotor-Disc Heat Sealer, Rotor-Disc Heat Sealing Film, Rotor-Disc 100 Rotor and Locking Ring, Rotor-Disc Pipetting Aid, Rotor-Disc Easy Lift Adaptor
Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit (115V)
Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit (230V)
The Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit is for use with the Rotor-Gene Q thermal cycler.
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  • Accelerated reaction setup and high-throughput
  • Outstanding performance in real-time PCR with the Rotor-Gene Q

Product Details

The Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit includes all you need for runs of 100 reactions on the Rotor-Gene Q real-time cycler.


The Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit enables easy setup of real-time PCR experiments on the Rotor-Gene Q using the Rotor-Disc 100 format. The kit includes Rotor-Disc 100 packs, a Rotor-Disc Heat Sealer, Rotor-Disc Heat Sealing Film, a Rotor-Disc 100 Rotor and Locking Ring, a Rotor-Disc 100 Loading Block, and a Rotor-Disc Pipetting Aid.

Rotor-Discs are fully compatible with the QIAgility instrument, which enables automated reaction setup.


The Rotor-Disc 100 Rotor and Rotor-Disc 100 Locking Ring are used with the Rotor-Disc 100. The Rotor-Disc 100 is a circular plate of 100 vertically oriented reaction wells for high-throughput use. The Rotor-Disc 100 is the rotary equivalent of a 96-well plate but with an additional 4 reference wells. It enables integration of the Rotor-Gene Q with 96-well laboratory workflows. The extra wells can be conveniently used for more samples, additional control reactions, or orientation reactions, without occupying any of the standard 96-well positions. For seamless 96-well workflow compatibility, Rotor-Disc 100 wells use 96-well plate labeling conventions, i.e., A1-A12 through to H1-H12. The additional 4 reference wells are labeled R1-R4.

The Rotor-Disc 100 does not use caps. Instead, Rotor-Disc Heat Sealing Film is applied to the top and heat sealed using a Rotor-Disc Heat Sealer. The film prevents contamination by providing a strong, durable, and tamper-proof seal.


The Rotor-Gene Q and Rotor-Disc 100 Starter Kit enable real-time PCR and high-resolution melting (HRM) applications, including:

  • Gene expression analysis
  • Pathogen detection
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • Genotyping
  • Gene scanning
  • miRNA research


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Calibration guide for use with QIAgility and the Rotor-Disc 100
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Do the master mixes in Rotor-Gene Kits contain dUTP to allow UNG pretreatment?

No. The master mixes in Rotor-Gene Kits contain dTTP instead of dUTP. If UNG treatment is required, we recommend using QuantiTect +UNG Kits. QuantiTect Kits are also compatible with the Rotor-Gene Q; however, the kits require a significantly longer cycling time.



FAQ ID -2117
How many samples can be run in parallel with the Rotor-Gene Q real-time PCR instrument?

The Rotor-Gene Q instrument can be used with two different rotor formats: using tubes or rotor-dics. Tubes can be run in 36 and 72-well rotors and rotor-discs in Rotor-Disc 72 and Rotor-Disc 100 rotors. When programming the temperature profile please make sure the correct rotor type is selected.  



FAQ ID -1519
Are Rotor-Gene Kits compatible with reaction setup using the QIAgility instrument?

The majority of the Rotor-Gene Kit data shown in our literature has been generated with the help of the QIAgility instrument. We did not observe any problems during the pipetting steps.


FAQ ID -2116
What are the main differences between Rotor-Gene and QuantiTect or QuantiFast PCR Kits?

Rotor-Gene Kits are specifically developed for the Rotor-Gene Q PCR Cycler. The unique rotary system of the cycler combined with the kits’ proprietary buffer system enable ultrafast cycling. Rotor-Gene Kits do not contain ROX dye since no normalization to a passive reference is required. Also, Rotor-Gene Kits do not contain dUTP; therefore, UNG pretreatment is not possible.


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