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Scientists in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and CRO/CDMOs rely on our products, instruments and services across various applications, including early-stage drug discovery, bioanalytical testing, genomic analysis and molecular diagnostics. 

We build end-to-end collaborations with our partners, offering them support at every level. Together we address the challenges at each stage of their discovery.

Our flexible yet seamless workflows combined with globally trusted kits, reagents, technologies and software for data analysis ensure optimal data quality and reproducibility, increasing your chances of success.

We offer a range of platforms to meet your throughput needs, whether you want to automate a single step or an entire process.

Our automated platforms ensure accuracy, throughput and speed, enabling you to maximize your resources and enhance productivity and reproducibility. 

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The power of two – EZ2 Connect and QIAcuity

For successful biomarker profiling from liquid biopsies and FFPE samples, combine sample processing on the EZ2 Connect with fast and sensitive ultra-low mutation detection on the QIAcuity digital PCR system.

Genomics has transformed the drug development landscape. A better understanding of gene expression and variants associated with disease facilitates biomarker and target identification, aids in advancing drug candidate and CDx development and provides insight into preclinical and clinical studies.

Partner with us to meet all your genomic needs. Take advantage of our multi-modal portfolio that includes genomics, transcriptomics and microbiomics and a range of reagents and kits, instruments, custom products as well as data analysis and outsourcing services. 

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Genomic services benefits
One Partner
  • From biomarker discovery to CDx development and global commercialization
  • Up to 20 different services addressing: genomics, gene expression, microbiomics
  • Consultation, communication and guidance at every step ensures your project stays on track
  • Chemistries, technologies and workflows globally recognized for quality
  • Our 40+ years of nucleic acid expertise allows us to develop custom assays to address your most critical application needs
  • Expert scientific services team, backed by our track record of product and service development
  • High-value insights from the industry‘s most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge bases
  • Scientific consultation following data delivery to ensure no questions remain unanswered and you get the right support to interpret your data and plan next steps of your research
  • IT facilities, infrastructure and data centers including a disaster recovery data center to ensure your data is secure
  • Scientific pre-consultation – expert support to optimize your experimental design from meaningful data gathering.
  • Flexible service offering – to let you choose the complete workflow or just a part of it.
  • Rigorous quality controls – to ensure high performance for every sample.
  • Dedicated project manager – to offer guidance at every step.
  • Extensive sequencing and workflow automaton capabilities – to ensure seamless  scale up.
  • Easy legal framework setup – to enable you to work directly with us or via virtual marketplaces.

In the era of precision medicine and targeted therapies, companion diagnostics (CDx) are becoming increasingly important. Optimized CDx are essential for getting the right drugs to the right patients.

Are you looking for a partner that can combine biomarker discovery, clinical development, regulatory strategy and commercialization? Look no further.

Every CDx assay is different with different levels of sensitivity required across a range of analytes from different tissue types. We have a variety of instruments and kits available that span different technologies including digital PCR, RT-PCR and NGS. Together we can help you develop the best strategy for your CDx.

Companion Diagnostic (CDx)

In 2019, QIAGEN and INOVIO announced that they would co-develop a companion diagnostic liquid biopsy-based test that identifies women that are most likely to benefit from the use of INOVIOs VGX-3100. VGX-3100 is a first in class DNA immunotherapy consisting of two DNA plasmids that encode for the HPV viral proteins E6 and E7.  Liquid biopsy-based tests guide patient selection and offers potential for cost-effective, non-invasive alternative to surgical removal of cervical lesions.

The new master collaboration agreement, announced in 2021, covers the development of companion diagnostics for INOVIO’s HPV therapies for a range of sample types and technologies such as PCR and NGS. QIAGEN’s extensive bioinformatic expertise will raise the predictive biomarker power in INVOVIO’s patient selection. 

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Enterprise Genomics Services, scientist, laboratory, from sample extraction to data interpretation

NGS has revolutionized biomarker discovery, but the design and verification of panels requires time and expertise. Together with Enterprise Genomic Solutions (EGS), we can build custom panels for biomarker discovery and accelerate your progress. Take advantage of:

  • Our Knowledge Base to identify the most relevant biomarkers
  • Development and optimization of a custom panel designed with proprietary QIAseq UMI and SPE chemistries
  • Our convenient, all-in-one miRNA Sequencing Service
  • A robust bioinformatics pipeline through EGS
  • Assistance with data interpretation 
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From data analysis to databases, from gene expression to genome assembly, from interpretation to integration – QIAGEN Digital Insights has the breadth and quality of bioinformatics tools you need to drive meaningful insights and fuel new discoveries.

Data-driven drug discovery applications:

Gain high-value insights from the industry's most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge bases.

QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands save me a lot of time – rather than find, download, process and annotate individual datasets, I focus on testing hypotheses and exploring the data right away

Arther Liberzon, bioinformatician at Alkermes, Inc (TechValidate review)

Digital PCR is quickly becoming the technology of choice for absolute quantification of nucleic acids because of its high sensitivity and unparalleled precision. It is used across a wide range of samples and applications including rare mutation testing, copy number variation, gene expression and miRNA analysis and as a reliable quality control tool in cell and gene therapy development.

Our fully integrated nanoplate-based QIAcuity digital PCR system has overcome some of the limitations of real-time PCR and droplet digital PCR technologies.

The QIAcuity uses digital PCR and works by dividing the PCR reaction into thousands of fixed, solid partitions in a QIAcuity Nanoplate. The template becomes randomly distributed across all available partitions of the nanoplate. Fluorescence signals are then measured at the end-point. Positive partitions containing the amplification target are detected by measuring the fluorescence signal of sequence-specific DNA probes or intercalating dyes and provide absolute concentrations without the need of a standard curve. This technology has a greater tolerance for inhibitors than qPCR.

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Why choose QIAcuity digital PCR?

  • Support and response time commitments along with support for GMP
  • Consistent partition recovery coupled with volume precision factor (VPF) for unparalleled reproducibility
  • Kits and instruments for front end automation
  • More than 4x the throughput of existing digital PCR systems
  • Reliable performance across all platforms enables scalability
  • Accurate and reproducible AAV quantification
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