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QIAsymphony SP_AS – Flexible Input, Quality Output - Free up your hands with an automated workflow

8 QIAsymphony SP/AS 08/2016 Free up your hands with an automated workflow Some products may not be available in all countries. Only selected products listed. Visit for more PCR kits. Example selection of kits that can be automated • QuantiFast Pathogen + IC Kit Residual DNA Detection Kit • Certal® CHO Detection Kit Animal Pathogen Assays • Virotype® BTV pan/8 RT-PCR Kit • Virotype Influenza A RT-PCR Kit • Virotype ASFV PCR Kit • Virotype CSFV RT-PCR Kits Food Safety Assays • mericon® Salmonella spp Kit • mericon Listeria spp Kit • mericon E. coli O157 Screen Plus Kit STR Assays • Investigator® 24plex QS Kit • Investigator ESSplex SE QS Kit • Investigator IDplex Plus Kit DNA Assays Endpoint PCR • QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kits • Type-it® Kits qPCR • QuantiNova® SYBR® Green PCR Kits • QuantiNova Probe PCR Kits RNA Assays Endpoint PCR • QIAGEN OneStep Ahead RT-PCR Kit qRT PCR • QuantiNova SYBR Green RT-PCR Kits • QuantiNova Probe RT-PCR Kits Applied Testing Life Science Biomedical Research Pharma Animal Pathogen Testing Food Safety Testing Human ID and Forensics Independent or integrated AS

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