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QIAsymphony SP_AS – Flexible Input, Quality Output - Easy-to-use reagent cartridges

QIAsymphony SP/AS 08/2016 3 Easy-to-use reagent cartridges Ready-to-run, bar code-labeled reagent cartridges are prefilled with all reagents needed for the purification procedure (Figure 1). The cartridges are opened automatically by the instrument and only the reagent volumes required for the number of samples are used, giving you complete cost control. • Safe handling and ease of use • Traceable documentation with 2D bar codes • Economical chemistry use matching the number of samples Process safety and documentation With a range of innovative design features, QIAsymphony SP/AS systems deliver exceptional process safety and standardization. • Bar code reader for input samples and reagents • Sample tracking for purification and assay setup • UV light for worktable decontamination • Tip guards for minimized cross-contamination risk • Liquid level detection • LIMS connectivity for easy data exchange • Active cooling of eluates • Complete electronic documentation capability Figure 1. Prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges. Figure 2. QIAsymphony sample carrier. The sample carrier holds one batch of 24 samples. A variety of primary tube types can be loaded directly into the carrier using specific inserts. Each position is bar code-labeled for complete sample traceability.

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