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QIAsymphony SP_AS – Flexible Input, Quality Output - QIAGEN´s Automated Solutions – your gateway to faster and reliable results

1103580 08/2016 QIAGEN´s Automated Solutions – your gateway to faster and reliable results Our automation solutions and optimized chemistries seamlessly integrate into your daily work and help you quickly convert your biological samples into valuable molecular insights. Whether you are a researcher in an academic, commercial or standardized testing lab, our automated Sample to Insight® solutions will standardize every step of your workflow and deliver the reproducible, high-quality data you need to compare your results to those from laboratories around the world. Sample to insight solutions Trademarks: QIAGEN® , QIAamp® , QIAsymphony® , Certal® , Investigator® , mericon® , QuantiFast® , QuantiNova® , RNeasy® , Rotor-Gene® , Sample to Insight® , Type-it® , Virotype® (QIAGEN Group); PAXgene® (PreAnalytiX GmbH); SYBR® (Life Technologies, Inc.). Registered names, trademarks, etc. used in this document, even when not specifically marked as such, are not to be considered unprotected by law. PROM-2066-002 © 2016 QIAGEN, all rights reserved. Sample disruption Sample purification Quality control Assay setup Detection & analysis Biological sample Valuable molecular insights QIAcube QIAcube HT QIAsymphony SP EZ1 Advanced XL QIAgility QIAsymphony AS Rotor-Gene Q QIAxcel Advanced PyroMark platforms QIAxpert QIAxcel Advanced TissueLyser TissueLyser II TissueRuptor Ordering | Technical Support | Website 110358008/2016

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