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QIAsymphony SP_AS – Flexible Input, Quality Output

Separation window and transfer module Enables active transfer of eluates from the SP to the AS module UV lamp Decontaminates the worktable and minimizes sample cross-contamination Touchscreen For intuitive operation of the complete system USB port For bidirectional data exchange Ethernet adapter For connecting the QIAsymphony system to local networks Robotic arm 4-channel with tip guards Reagent and consumables drawer Supports consumables and 2 reagent cartridges Sample drawer Accommodates 1–96 sample tubes plus internal controls in a tube carrier, or up to 4 microplates in a plate carrier Waste drawer Stores solid and liquid waste separately Eluate drawer Provides a choice of elution formats, including cooling and transfer of eluate racks to the QIAsymphony AS from the rear position 4 QIAsymphony SP/AS 08/2016

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