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QIAsymphony SP_AS – Flexible Input, Quality Output - LIMS-compatible data exchange

The QIAsymphony SP/AS system provides standardized communication interfaces. Work lists and rack files can be imported to the system, enabling automatic run definition before samples are received in the laboratory. After assay setup, sample lists can be exported to selected real-time PCR cyclers, including the Rotor-Gene Q. This bi-directional data exchange allows integration of QIAsymphony systems into laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Bar code reading of samples and reagents enables full sample tracking throughout the purification and PCR assay setup procedures. The inventory scan performed during run preparation checks consumables and liquid levels, reads bar codes of reagent cartridges and prevents loading errors. Chronological, electronic documentation includes information about sample IDs, worktable positions and the lot number and expiration date of sample preparations, along with a record of which user was responsible for sample processing. Results in HTM and XML formats can be automatically transferred via a network connection for integration into LIMS, downloaded via USB or printed. LIMS-compatible data exchange Effortless sample tracing throughout the entire workflow Figure 4. Easy-to-use operating software. QIAsymphony operating software guides the user through setting up a sample preparation or assay setup run in a step-by-step fashion, with options to select and adapt standardized protocols. A. Sample information after sample handling. B. Reagent loading information for the QIAsymphony AS. A B QIAsymphony SP/AS 08/2016 7

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