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QIAsymphony SP_AS – Flexible Input, Quality Output - Turning features into benefits

Robotic arm 4-channel with tip guards Assays drawer Provides active cooling of PCR assays USB port For connecting handheld bar code reader UV lamp Decontaminates the worktable and minimizes sample cross-contamination Eluate and reagents drawer Supports master mix, samples, reagents and preracked consumables Unmatched flexibility • 1–96 samples processed in each run • Sample volumes up to 2 ml, 50 mg lysed tissue or 107 cells • Supports a variety of sample tubes, microplates and blocks • Work directly with primary tubes (Figure 2) • Continuous loading in batches of up to 24 samples • Ability to run different protocols for each batch • Elution in either tubes or 96-well plates Optimized workflow for high efficiency • Higher sample throughput per day • Saves precious primary samples • Optimal batch-to-batch reproducibility • Standardized process for global comparability of results • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) compatibility • User management for record of responsibility Convenience, safety, ease of use • Eluate splitting for different analysis panels • Minimization of cross-contamination • Active cooling of reagents and eluates • Automatic inventory scanning • Effective UV worktable decontamination • Automated bar code reader for exact sample tracking • Laboratory-developed test compatibility and customization QIAsymphony SP/AS 08/2016 5 Turning features into benefits

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