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Next-generation sequencing

Rethink RNA-seq to reveal elusive transcriptomic details

Drive novel discoveries in transcriptomics and gene expression research with powerful RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) solutions. Are you working with limited or degraded RNA samples for your RNA-seq applications or struggling to achieve on-target gene expression reads? Empower yourself with high-performance QIAseq RNA-seq solutions to conquer the complexity of the transcriptome – while saving time and effort.

Capture unique gene expression reads and maximize RNA-seq success

Is highly abundant ribosomal RNA (rRNA) impacting the sensitivity of your gene expression and transcriptomics research, leading to wasted reads and increased RNA-seq costs? 

Benefit from efficient one-step removal of >95% of unwanted rRNA using QIAseq FastSelect technology. Whether you’re working with mammalian, plant, yeast or bacterial RNA samples, high-quality or degraded or FFPE RNA samples, QIAseq FastSelect can transform your RNA-seq – and outperform Ribo-Zero, RiboErase and RiboMinus.

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Elucidate transcriptomic details with high-quality stranded RNA-seq library prep

Want to maximize usable RNA-seq reads, achieve sensitive detection of low-abundance transcripts – and save 44% time with your library prep?

Combine the efficiency of QIAseq FastSelect rRNA removal technology with the strand specificity of QIAseq Stranded RNA Library Kits. Start your RNA-seq workflow with QIAseq FastSelect for one-step removal of >95% rRNA or globin mRNA in just 14 minutes. Then, move onto stranded, high-quality, Illumina-compatible RNA-seq library prep using QIAseq Stranded RNA Library Kits, which work without actinomycin D and dUTP digestion. Analyze stranded RNA-seq data with ease using the integrated RNA-seq Analysis Portal – an intuitive, web-based data analysis solution created for biologists and now included with QIAseq Stranded RNA Library Kits.

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High-throughput, low-input 3’ RNA-seq and complete transcriptome RNA-seq

Are limited RNA amounts limiting your ability to maximize gene expression insights? Many RNA-seq workflows only offer low-throughput capabilities and demand high sample input amounts. rRNA contamination can waste resources and time and ultimately impact your ability to capture on-target reads. The new QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kit can help you overcome these obstacles. Discover how this versatile library prep kit can be used for both 3’ RNA-seq and complete transcriptome RNA-seq with fragmented and low-input RNA samples. Effortlessly increase throughput while reducing waste by >90% with ultraplex pooling of cDNA.

QIAseq UPXome RNA Kit
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Deciphering the role of miRNAs in disease research using high-throughput miRNA-seq technology

miRNA profiling can reveal fascinating insights into a multitude of diseases. However, if you’re working with biofluid samples, low RNA amounts and high inhibitor levels are common issues. Eliminate challenges associated with sample variation and explore differential miRNA expression with a gel-free miRNA-seq solution that’s compatible with just 1 ng total RNA input. Increase the number of samples your run, lower your sequencing costs and increase your confidence in your sequencing data by using the QIAseq miRNA 96 Index Kit UDI A–H (768) which contains 768 unique dual indices (UDIs) compatible with Illumina NovaSeq and other NGS instruments that use patterned flow cells. Analyze miRNA-seq data with ease and achieve novel disease insights using the integrated RNA-seq Analysis Portal – an intuitive, web-based data analysis solution created for biologists and now included with QIAseq miRNA Library Kits.

QIAseq miRNA Library Kits
Conquer the challenges of low-input RNA-seq

Low-input RNA library prep can be immensely problematic. Each workflow step has the potential to result in further loss of RNA. It may often not possible to simultaneously run over 384 samples or achieve the volume of NGS library prep required to do a small molecule or CRISPR screen. We can help you navigate these challenges with ease. Explore how the new QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kit allows you to customize your workflow based on sample number, read budgets and sequencing platform. Interested in 3’ RNA-seq or complete transcriptome RNA-seq? You can do both with these versatile kit.

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Maximize transcriptomic insights from single cells and minimal RNA amounts
Single cells or limited RNA samples should not necessarily mean a limited view of the transcriptome. Explore how our single-cell RNA library kit provides NGS-ready, high-complexity libraries from isolated cells in just 5.5 hours. Optimized chemistry and a PCR-free protocol eliminate issues with bias.
Unlock insights into RNA fusions, gene expression and SNVs in a single assay

Get a comprehensive view of important biomarkers by combining RNA fusion detection, gene expression profiling and SNV analysis in a single assay using QIAseq RNA Fusion XP Panels. Achieve superior sensitivity and reduced false positives with the streamlined, low-input workflow. You can even design custom panels to target regions of interest using the easy-to-use custom builder.

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Take the digital RNA-seq route for fusion gene and expression analysis

If you’re monitoring gene expression changes or looking to identify fusion genes and variants using targeted RNA-seq, challenges during library construction and NGS analysis lead to sub-optimal results. PCR bias and sequencing artifacts can jeopardize the sensitivity of your data. Our QIAseq panels for RNA-seq applications utilize single primer extension (SPE) and unique molecular index (UMI) technologies for increased precision, accuracy and coverage so you can overcome traditional RNA-seq limitations and reduce bias. With an integrated data analysis pipeline, making the leap from generating RNA-seq data to accumulating insights has never been easier.

QIAseq Targeted RNA
Take the shortcut – library normalization without quantification
Dreading time-consuming library quantification? Achieve effective NGS library normalization effortlessly in just 30 min and with qPCR-level accuracy.
Overcome RNA-seq data analysis roadblocks

Struggling to make sense of your RNA-seq data? We’ve got just the solution! QIAseq RNA Library and FastSelect Kits now include free access to the RNA-seq Analysis Portal – an intuitive, web-based solution made for biologists to simplify data analysis. Fully integrated with GeneGlobe, the RNA-seq Analysis Portal allows you to seamlessly go from generating RNA-seq data to gaining gene expression insights.

Automate and accelerate your library prep
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Meet the recipients of the 2021 QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant
In 2021, we invited researchers to explore the potential of RNA-seq for their research by applying for a QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant. We received an astounding 2400 applications and are pleased to announce the grant recipients.

Your guide to RNA-seq success with degraded, low-quality or difficult-to-sequence RNA samples

Not getting sufficient on-target reads? Working with limited or fragmented RNA? See why QIAseq RNA-seq technologies are designed to work optimally with the most challenging of samples:

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