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miRNAs are small but mighty, playing a significant role in gene expression regulation. There’s mounting evidence of their potential as disease biomarkers, which has driven extraordinary developments in cancer, metabolic and disease research. However, miRNA profiling research is often hindered by low RNA amounts and high levels of inhibitors, especially in biofluid samples. Complicated, gel-based workflows can result in inefficiency. These challenges have triggered a demand for dedicated solutions optimized for miRNA research – from high-quality miRNA extraction to efficient miRNA sequencing for miRNA expression insights. Advance your miRNA research by partnering with us and benefit from our high-performance miRNA-seq technology and expertise.
Maximizing the potential of miRNAs and small RNAs in blood as disease biomarkers
Discover how Hummingbird Diagnostics harnessed the predictive power of blood-borne miRNAs to provide insights into human health and disease. Find out how QIAseq miRNA technology played a fundamental role in their project.
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Lourdes Chacon, MD
Assistant Director, Biorepository Core, Texas Heart Institute
Getting to the heart of miRNA profiling

Deciphering differential gene expression can unravel novel insights into the complex mechanisms at play in various diseases. Differential miRNA expression analysis from biorepository samples is a key component of the research conducted at the Texas Heart Institute (THI). Discover how researchers at THI are using QIAGEN’s miRNA-seq solution for analyzing miRNA expression in plasma-derived exosomes from lung transplant patients.

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Here’s why QIAseq miRNA Library Kits are trusted by scientists for biomarker research
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Go from miRNA-seq to gene expression insights with ease
Struggling to make sense of your miRNA-seq data? Take the stress out of data analysis and fast-track your path to gene expression insights with the new RNA-seq Analysis Portal. Designed for biologists and fully integrated with GeneGlobe, this intuitive, web-based solution is now included with QIAseq RNA-seq and miRNA-seq kits. Simply upload your sequence files into the RNA-seq Analysis Portal, start your analysis and go from FASTQ files to focused insights into the top 10 canonical pathways, upstream regulators and diseases using powerful IPA knowledge bases.
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Did you know?
In an evaluation of methodologies for miRNA biomarker detection, the QIAseq miRNA Library Kit was found to be the most effective, outperforming alternative kits on the market (1, 2).
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Automate and accelerate miRNA library prep
Save time and improve standardization by conveniently automating the QIAseq miRNA Library Kit.
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Take advantage of our high-performance chemistry and renowned expertise. Partner with Genomic Services to take your miRNA research to the next level. From miRNA-specific isolation and library prep through to data analysis, we’ve got you covered.

1. Coenen-Stass et al. (2018) Evaluation of methodologies for miRNA biomarker detection. RNA Biol, 15 (8), 1133.

2. Heinicke et al. (2019) Systematic assessment of commercially available low-input miRNA library preparation kits. RNA Biol, 17 (1), 75–86.