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Navigating the challenges of low-input RNA-seq

New! Maximize gene expression insights from minimal RNA amounts with a versatile RNA library kit

Struggling to get robust gene expression data from low-input RNA samples? If you’re preparing libraries from fragmented or limited RNA amounts, mRNA enrichment and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) removal steps can cause further loss of RNA before the cDNA synthesis steps. Multiple enzymatic and bead cleanup steps after cDNA synthesis can result in a loss of diversity during each step. Workflow inefficiencies mean that it is often not possible to simultaneously run over 384 samples or achieve the volume of NGS library prep required to do a small molecule or CRISPR screen. We can help you navigate these challenges. Designed for both 3’ RNA-seq and complete transcriptome RNA-seq with ultralow-input and poor-quality RNA samples, the new QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kit is a versatile library prep solution for multiple applications.

Get the most out of limited RNA amounts and easily increase throughput to maximize efficiency and productivity on Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq and NovaSeq NGS instruments.

Seamlessly go from generating RNA-seq data to capturing gene expression insights. QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kits include complimentary access to the GeneGlobe RNA-seq Analysis Portal for supported species, enabling differential gene expression insights with ease.

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Accelerate your workflow and maximize your sequencing resources

Ultraplexing is your key to increased efficiency and productivity. Each sample has a unique sample barcode and we have 768 sample indices available, which perform better on Illumina patterned flowcells. These features allow you to have a faster workflow and process higher numbers of samples on Illumina NGS instruments.

Build RNA-seq libraries your way

Customize your workflow based on sample number, read budgets and sequencing platform. QIAseq UPXome RNA Library Kits provide you with the flexibility you need to expand your pool of applications with ease. Whether you’re just interested in 3’ RNA-seq or complete transcriptome RNA-seq, achieve high-quality data for applications such as:

  • Gene expression analysis
  • Transcript identification
  • Fusion gene discovery
Dive into the details in the webinar

Title: How to resolve challenges with low-input RNA-seq library prep – maximizing whole transcriptome sequencing and analysis using a flexible and customizable strategy
Speaker: Samuel Rulli, Ph.D., Director, Global Product Management, RNA-seq profiling, NGS assay technologies, QIAGEN

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