TissueLyser III

For medium- to high-throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis

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TissueLyser III

Cat. No. / ID:  9003240

Bead mill, 100–120/220–240 V, 50/60 Hz; requires TissueLyser Adapters (available separately)
The TissueLyser III is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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  • Convenient and secure disruption process
  • Touch screen for ease of use
  • Integrated software for pre-programmed and customizable protocols
  • Wide range of accessories to process versatile sample volumes
  • Reproducible results for difficult-to-lyse samples (e.g., cells, tissues, bones, etc.)

Product Details

The TissueLyser III simultaneously disrupts multiple biological samples through high-speed shaking in tubes or 96-well plates with stainless steel, zirconium, ceramic or glass beads. Using the appropriate adapter set, up to 192 samples can be processed at the same time. Alternatively, a grinding jar set can be used to process large samples. A range of beads and bead dispensers are also available.

The convenient touchscreen and rotary knob make it easier to run and customize disruption protocols. The TissueLyser III has 7 pre-programmed protocols and 5 customizable protocols for maximum sample versatility. The TissueLyser also allows you to create custom program cycles to conveniently set your disruption parameters.

TissueLyser II accessories, including adapter sets, are compatible with the TissueLyser III.


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Efficient sample disruption is a prerequisite for nucleic acid purification procedures. Incomplete sample disruption can lead to significantly reduced yields and can increase the risk of clogging when using purification columns or magnetic particles. The TissueLyser III thoroughly disrupts and simultaneously homogenizes biological samples in the presence of a lysis buffer. Plant tissues can alternatively be disrupted and homogenized in the absence of a lysis buffer.

Tubes containing the sample and beads are placed in a TissueLyser Adapter Set and are shaken at a very high speed, causing the samples to be disrupted and homogenized by the beating and grinding effect of the beads. The tubes can be discarded after use to prevent cross-contamination and to save time, as there is no need to clean tubes after sample disruption. In addition, there is no cross-contamination during sample disruption as each tube is securely sealed with its own lid.

The TissueLyser III can also disrupt and homogenize large samples when used in combination with a Grinding Jar Set. Samples are placed in a 10 mL jar containing a grinding ball and shaken at high speed.

The TissueLyser III is an integral part of QIAGEN's complete solution for sample management — from sample collection to purification and analysis of DNA and RNA. The TissueLyser III complements QIAGEN's automated solutions for high-throughput sample preparation and analysis (see table "QIAGEN high-throughput automation"), such as the QIAcube HT and QIAsymphony SP. This easy-to-use instrument automates purification of DNA and RNA from 1–192 samples. The TissueLyser III is also compatible with QIAGEN manual sample preparation kits (see table "QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems").


QIAGEN high-throughput automation
Instrument Purpose Throughput
QIAcube Connect Purification of DNA and RNA Up to 12 samples per run
QIAcube HT 96-well plate format
QIAsymphony SP 1–96 samples per run
EZ2 Connect 1–24 samples per run


QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems
Analyte purified Sample type QIAGEN kit
DNA Human tissues

QIAamp DNA Kits

DNA Animal tissues

DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kits

DNA Plant tissues

DNeasy Plant Pro Kit

DNA Microbial samples

PowerSoil Pro Kits
PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit

RNA Easy-to-lyse tissues

RNeasy Kits

RNeasy Plus Kits
RNeasy Protect Kits
RNA Fiber-rich tissues RNeasy Fibrous Tissue Kits
RNA All types of tissues RNeasy Lipid Tissue Kits
RNeasy Universal Tissue Kits
RNA Plant tissues RNeasy Plant Mini Kit
RNA Microbial samples RNeasy PowerFecal Pro Kit
RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit
microRNA All types of tissues miRNeasy Kits


Based on the adapter used during a run, the TissueLyser III can process up to 48 samples in 2 mL tubes or up to 192 samples in 96-well plates. Tubes and plates remain securely sealed during disruption to prevent cross-contamination. Depending on the sample type, disruption is carried out using stainless steel, zirconium, ceramic, or glass beads. The TissueLyser Bead Dispensers are available to conveniently deliver single beads into microcentrifuge tubes or to deliver 96 beads in parallel into collection microtubes. The TissueLyser III can also disrupt large samples when used in combination with Grinding Jar Sets.


The ability to process up to 192 samples per run makes the TissueLyser III the ideal front-end solution to access biological information for genomic, transcriptomic, and metatranscriptomic applications. For next-generation high-throughput sequencing technologies, the TissueLyser III is the disruption instrument of choice. A wide range of QIAGEN sample purification kits are compatible with the TissueLyser III, and sample purification can be performed manually or can be automated using the QIAcube Connect, QIAcube HT, QIAsymphony SP or EZ2 Connect.

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Disruption principleHigh-speed shaking of samples from 1.2 mL collection tubes to 96-well plates with ceramic, stainless steel or glass beads
Protocol/main application on this intrumentSample disruption with seven pre-programmed protocols and five customizable protocols
Technical data100–120/220–240 V, 50/60Hz; variable speeds from 3 to 30 Hz (180–1800 oscillations/minute)
Kits compatible with instrumentAll kits for purification of DNA and RNA
Throughput2 x 96 collection microtubes (1.2 mL), 2 x 96-well plates (2 mL), 2 x 24 tubes (2 mL), 2 x 16 tubes (5 mL) coming soon: 2 x 4 tubes (50 mL)
FeaturesConvenient and secure disruption process. Adapter sets optimized for high-throughput disruption. Wide range of accessories available (e.g.,grinding jar set to process large samples). Reproducible results with difficult-to-lyse tissues. Front-end solution for QIAGEN automation.
TechnologyBead Mill


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TissueLyser III Brochure
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For disruption of up to 48 or 192 biological samples
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