RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit

从1–100 ng RNA中预扩增cDNA,用于RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays分析


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RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit (12)

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RT2 Nano PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit
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RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit 旨在用于分子生物学应用。该产品不能用于疾病诊断、预防和治疗。

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • 使用ng级RNA进行预扩增
  • 可扩增89个基因特异性目标cDNA
  • 在下游PCR分析中具有较少的非特异性反应

Product Details

RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit可从ng级(1–100 ng)RNA中预扩增cDNA,专用于RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays分析。


RT² PreAMP技术利用多重、串联PCR对基因特异性cDNA进行最小偏向性的预扩增。RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit可从1–100 ng总RNA中预扩增cDNA。

标准逆转录后,在使用RT² Profiler PCR Array进行基因表达分析前,可使用RT2 PreAMP Pathway Primer Mix从cDNA中预扩增芯片特异性靶标。每个RNA样本可产生足够多的cDNA,可用于至多4个不同RT² Profiler PCR Arrays的基因表达分析。



  • 合成cDNA:该试剂盒可用于从至多12个不同的RNA样本中合成cDNA。RT² Profiler PCR Arrays的逆转录对照(RTC)可检测内置的RNA外参模板,用于检测逆转录抑制剂,确保高效合成第一条链。
  • 预扩增通路特异性基因的cDNA:从1–100 ng总RNA中合成的每个cDNA,都可用至多4组不同的PCR芯片特异性引物混合物进行扩增,用于至多4个不同RT² Profiler PCR Arrays的基因表达分析。试剂盒中的Side Reaction Reducer可去除预扩增时残留的引物,保证PCR芯片的准确检测。

为完成PCR芯片分析,预扩增的模板需与仪器专用的即用型RT² SYBR® Green qPCR Mastermix混合。


使用RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit和RT² PreAMP Pathway Primer Mixes获得的cDNA模板可直接用于RT² Profiler PCR Arrays基因表达谱分析。


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Can you use stained (H & E) sections with RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit?
Yes, stained sections can be used with the RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit.
FAQ ID -2722
What is the recommended solution in which to store RNA samples that will be used as templates for cDNA synthesis?
For best results, all RNA samples should be suspended in RNase-free water. Alternatively, RNase-free 1 mM sodium citrate (pH 6.5) or 10 mM Tris buffer (pH 7.0) may be used. Do not use DEPC-treated water, as most DEPC preparations are contaminated with molecules that are inhibitory to reverse transcription and/or PCR. For long-term storage, RNA preps may be stored at -70 ºC in RNase-free water, or the buffers listed above, or precipitated in ethanol or isopropanol. In order to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, it is recommended that frozen RNA samples be stored as multiple, single-use aliquots.
FAQ ID -2659