GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels V2

Digital DNA sequencing to confidently detect low-frequency variants

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Find or custom design the right target-specific assays and panels to research your biological targets of interest.
QIAseq Targeted DNA Custom Panel (96)

Cat. No. / ID:  333525

Kit containing ALL reagents (except indexes) for targeted DNA sequencing; Custom panel for 96 samples.
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GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels V2 旨在用于分子生物学应用。这些产品不能用于疾病诊断、预防和治疗。
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Find or custom design the right target-specific assays and panels to research your biological targets of interest.


  1. 为研究某一疾病或通路相关基因设计,提供预设计引物
  2. 实验方案简便,适用于多种实验室PCR仪
  3. 对于相关外显子进行靶向扩增
  4. 提供免费的序列变化分析
  5. 该产品提供内参,可在测序前评估DNA质量和扩增是否成功

Product Details

The QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels have been developed as a complete Sample to Insight solution to enable digital DNA sequencing by utilizing molecular barcodes. Digital DNA sequencing is a unique approach to detect low-frequency variants with high confidence by overcoming the issues of PCR duplicates, false positives and library bias.

Each panel is a one-box, NGS platform-agnostic solution that contains all the necessary components to construct libraries from enriched genomic targets. Primer design is based on QIAseq Enrichment Technology, in which each genomic target is enriched by one target-specific primer and a universal primer, a strategy that removes conventional two target-specific primer design restriction and reduces the amount of required primers. All primers required for a panel are pooled into an individual primer pool to reduce panel handling and number of pools required for enrichment and library construction. Platform-specific indexes, which are contained in a separate box, allow the multiplexing of up to 384 samples per sequencing run. The unique buffer and enzyme system used in the QIAseq targeted DNA panels has been optimized to achieve high coverage of GC-rich genomic regions.

Custom panels can be designed to target exonic regions of genes, hotspots or SNPs, as well as intronic and promoter regions.

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GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels能够对特定的一组基因进行可靠的遗传变化分析,适用于二代测序应用。该产品提供的多重PCR引物用于扩增研究所需的一组基因或与某种疾病相关的基因的外显子。GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels还可依据您选择的基因提供定制产品,以满足您的实验需求。高品质的引物设计和靶向扩增试剂确保扩增的位点覆盖全面、无偏差、特异性高,保留您珍贵样本中即便是少量的遗传变异信息。


GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panel System使用单个基因或一组基因的外显子重叠引物,位点覆盖率高(参见Multiplex PCR-enabled target enrichment of genes of interest)。重叠引物分装在4个管中,因此提高了扩增特异性,避免扩增引物二聚体和非特异性产物。扩增和纯化后,将样本扩增的序列集合在一起,即制备获得该样本的文库。


The entire workflow of the QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels to go from extracted DNA to sequencing-ready libraries can be completed in 9 hours. Extracted DNA is fragmented, genomic targets are molecularly barcoded and enriched, and libraries are constructed. Sequencing files can be fed into the QIAseq pipeline, a cloud-based data analysis pipeline, which will filter, map and align reads, as well as count unique molecular barcodes associated with targeted genomic regions, and call variants with a barcode-aware algorithm. This data can then be fed into IVA or QCI for interpretation.


GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels十分适合于扩增与癌症、遗传疾病、神经系统疾病、心肌病、发育失调、代谢失调等多个生物医学领域相关的基因,用于在后续NGS分析中确定遗传变化信息。


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