3265 - Why are there various different QuantiFast Probe Assays for my gene (previous versions, transcript variants)?

QuantiFast Probe Assays are designed using sequences from the Entrez and Ensembl databases, which are both updated regularly. New sequence information may allow us to design improved assays that detect all transcript variants. Some assays may have been originally designed using sequences only from Entrez because the sequences were not available in Ensembl or because there were discrepancies between Entrez and Ensembl. Subsequent updates to Ensembl may have allowed us to design an improved assay.

We recommend choosing the main QuantiFast Probe Assay, since it has the latest version number and is designed to detect the main transcript and all possible transcript variants.  In most cases, earlier versions of the QuantiFast Probe Assays do work. There may be only a difference of one nucleotide between the latest and the previous assay version.

In very rare cases, original versions of the assay may not perform due to significant updates of transcript sequence information in Entrez or Ensembl, which our QuantiFast Probe Assays are based on. You can choose a previous version of the assay if you have ordered it before and it works in your experiments. If you only want to detect a certain splice variant, choose an assay for a specific transcript variant.

To find a QuantiFast Probe Assay for your target gene of interest, please visit our GeneGlobe data base.



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