Can the Internal Controls be ordered separately in the QuantiFast Pathogen + IC kit for use during purification?

Yes, the Internal Control RNA (High conc.) and Internal Control DNA (High conc.) templates are available under a separate catalog number. After reconstitution according to the description in the handbook, these IC templates have a 10x higher concentration than the Internal Control templates provided in the kits.   They are sufficiently concentrated to be spiked into the sample prep without replacing too much of the sample input volume.


**Please note that there is no assay (primer/probe set) for amplification of the IC included in these separate catalog numbers. The assay is only included in the QuantiFast Pathogen PCR +IC Kit and QuantiFast Pathogen RT-PCR +IC Kit.  The ICs cannot be used with the QuantiTect Virus kits because the assay (primer/probe set) for the detection of the IC is provided with the QuantiFast Pathogen Kits only.



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