Does QIAGEN sell a vector with a T7 promotor for use with the EasyXpress Protein Synthesis Insect Kit?

Yes, we sell the EasyXpress pIX4.0 Vector, which is designed for high-level expression of proteins using the EasyXpress Protein Synthesis Insect Kit.

This high-copy plasmid has the following features:

  • Efficient initiation of translation through a T7 promoter element combined with an optimized 3' UTR, a T7 terminator, and an optimally positioned linearization site
  • Multiple cloning site and translational stop codons in all reading frames for convenient preparation of expression constructs
  • Optimized 3' UTR combined with T7 terminator for generation of stabilized RNA protected from degradation by exonucleolytic nucleases
  • Site for plasmid linearization consisting of multiple restriction sites for blunt end linearization for effective in vitro transcription

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