Can the new CRISPR PCR Assays be used for dPCR on the QIAcuity? Do you have data or a protocol?

The CRISPR-Q Custom PCR Assay is not for dPCR use. It is for a conventional PCR run in a standard cycler, and the PCR product is analyzed on the QIAxcel or a gel. The CRISPR-Q Custom PCR Assay contains 2 primers flanking the cut site. The purpose is to do a quick PCR check of the clones as well as preparation of template for the following Sanger sequencing. For Sanger sequencing, the corresponding CRISPR-Q Sanger Primers are used. dPCR for checking the editing event is another option to Sanger Sequencing and would be specific for the event. Such a dPCR Assay Product is in progress and launch is planned for the end of 2021.


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