Is it possible to use a standard processor — the kind used routinely for formalin-fixed samples — for dehydration and paraffin infiltration of PAXgene Tissue treated samples?

Yes. All processors commonly used for formalin-fixed samples can be used to produce PAXgene Tissue fixed, paraffin-embedded (PFPE) blocks of tissue. However, when processing PAXgene Tissue-treated specimens, do not use reagents contaminated with formalin. Residual formalin can lead to significant reduction of nucleic acid yield and integrity from PFPE tissue samples (see Technical Note “Influence of formalin contamination during processing of PAXgene Tissue fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue (PFPE) on RNA yield, integrity, and performance in quantitative RT-PCR”). Therefore, always use separate batches of reagents (alcohol, xylene, or xylene substitutes) for processing PAXgene Tissue fixed and formalin-fixed samples.


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