3285-How are the genes in each iPSC qBiomarker PCR Array selected?

The genes of the qBiomarker iPSC PCR Arrays are selected by intensive literature study and were validated using biologically relevant samples. For each qBiomarker iPSC PCR Arrays, the selection process started with a list of approximately 200 genes from public literature and public databases. These genes were subject to real-time PCR analysis, using multiple RNA samples from embryonic stem cells lines, induced pluripotent stem cell lines and parental cell lines, as well as differentiated embryoid bodies, purified neuronal or cardiomyocyte progenitor cells, and mature tissue cells. The genes that fit all of the following criteria were selected for the final list: a) comparable expression levels among all the embryonic stem cell lines and pluripotent stem cell lines; and b) robust up- or down- regulation upon reprogramming (differentiation or de-differentiation).

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