What is the genotype of the EZ Competent Cells?

Genotype of QIAGEN EZ Competent Cells supplied in the QIAGEN PCR Cloning plus Kit:


Genotype Description/phenotype
F' Presence of the low-copy-number F plasmid [F'::Tn10(Tcr) proA+ B+ lacIq Z delta-M15]
Tn10 (Tcr) Transposon conferring tetracyclin resistance
lacIq Overproduction of the lac operon repressor, which controls expression from Plac
lacZ delta-M15 Expression of N-terminally deleted beta-galactosidase.This protein and LacZ alpha-peptide (encoded by the pDrive Cloning Vector) provide alpha-galactosidase activity. Cells transformed by pDrive Cloning Vector which does not contain a PCR product will express LacZ alpha-peptide, and will form blue colonies when grown in the presence of X-gal/IPTG. In contrast, cells transformed by pDrive Cloning Vector which does contain a PCR product will not express LacZ alpha-peptide, and will form white colonies.
recA1 Abolished homologous recombination
end A1 Abolished nonspecific endonuclease I activity, and hence improved DNA quality in plasmid preparations
hsdR17 This mutation prevents restriction, but not protective methylation, of unmethylated DNA or DNA containing foreign methylation patterns in E. coli cells.
lac Inability to utilize lactose
glnV44 Supressor of amber (UAG)mutation; required for growth of some phage vectors. Formerly called supE
thi-1 Requires thiamin (vitamin B1) for growth in minimal medium
gyrA96 Mutation in DNA gyrase; resistance to naladixic acid
relA1 Relaxed mutation, permits RNA synthesis in the absence of protein synthesis
ta ua pcr cloning

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