How should I store the REPLI-g amplification product?

We recommend that you treat the amplified DNA exactly as you would treat genomic DNA. The best way to store gDNA is frozen at high concentration at -20ºC in 1x TE. The worst way to store gDNA or the amplification product is at low concentration (less than 10 ng/ul) at 4ºC in water.

We have observed significant degradation of genomic DNA stored at 2-3ng/ul at 4ºC in as little as 2-3 weeks. Frozen samples can be thawed and aliquoted. Keep a working stock to use directly in any downstream application. This will decrease the risk for degradation of higher concentrated stocks.

Repeated freeze-thaws, vortexing, rapid pipetting up and down, storage in water and heating to over 75ºC should be avoided as these processes can shear gDNA or MDA amplified DNA, and/or contribute to rapid DNA degradation.


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