What is the minimum number of siRNAs per order? If I order 40 siRNAs, can I get those on 2 plates?

The minimum order number is 36 in 96 well plates or on average 36 siRNAs per plate. The minimum average number of siRNAs per plate is 36. Thus, with 40 siRNAs, you would receive the siRNAs on one plate. For 72 siRNAs, you can split the siRNAs on 2 plates with 36 siRNA on each plate. If you order 150 siRNAs, you can for example get 3 plates with 50 siRNAs each.


To summarize: The minimum number of siRNAs for each catalog Number (or siRNA Sacle -1 nmol, 0.25 nmol or 0.1 nmol) is 36. Within a specific scale, plate can have less than 36 siRNAs, if the minimum average number of siRNAs per plate is 36 siRNAs.


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