How can I transfect siRNA into insect cells such as Drosophila melanogaster S2?

Unfortunately, we do not have any data for the transfection of siRNA into insect cells. However, we know about customers who have successfully used Effectene Transfection Reagent for the transfection of plasmid DNA into insect cell lines S2 and Sf9 (see FAQ 397). Since Effectene Transfection Reagent and HiPerFect Transfection Reagent for the transfection of eukaryotic cells with siRNA are both lipid based, there is a chance that HiPerFect will work with insect cells. It is especially suitable for transfection of very low siRNA concentrations, reducing the risk of cell toxicity and off-target knockdown effects.

Alternatively, you can try RNAifect or TransMessenger Transfection Reagent, also lipid-based, for the transfection of siRNA into S2 cells.

We would appreciate any feedback on your results in case you want to give it a try. Please visit our Transfection Cell Survey page to submit your feedback.


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