How should I reconstitute the lyophilized RNase-Free DNase Set with the RNeasy 96 kit?

RNeasy 96 Kit procedure requires two RNase-Fee DNase sets (cat. no. 79254) for each 96-well plate.


1. To obtain a concentration of 1.8 Kunitz/µl, dissolve each vial of lyophilized DNase in 833 µl of RNase-free water and combine the reconstituted enzyme solution from both vials into one vial.

2. Take 1 ml of this DNase I solution and mix with 7 ml of Buffer RDD* to prepare a DNase I incubation mix immediately before starting the RNeasy 96 protocol. Vortex briefly and keep on ice until use.

3. Use 80 µl of the DNase I incubation mix (from step 2 above) for each well of the RNeasy 96 plate, to perform on-column DNase digestion, according to instructions in the RNeasy 96 Handbook.


*The RDD Buffer Set for RNeasy 96 is available upon request.  Please contact QIAGEN Technical Service for information on ordering.  Buffer RDD from QIAGEN is optimized for DNase I digestion on the RNeasy membrane.


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