QuantiTect Primer Assays are bioinformatically validated, genomewide primer sets. What does “bioinformatically validated” mean?

For each QuantiTect Primer Assay, we retrieve the sequence of the target gene from curated databases and exclude SNP regions from assay design.

We then use our proprietary algorithm to design assays that amplify RNA sequences only (i.e., at least one primer overlaps a splice site), provided that information on the position of splice sites is available. The assays are designed to provide optimal performance with QuantiFast and QuantiTect SYBR Green Kits.

After assay design, we validate randomly selected QuantiTect Primer Assays using real-time RT-PCR to check their compatibility with various real-time cyclers. Both two-step and one-step RT-PCR are carried out. Successful amplification of the target is indicated by the following factors: high sensitivity, high efficiency, high specificity (i.e., a single peak in melting curve analysis), and no primer–dimers in the no-template control (NTC).

To find a QuantiTect Primer Assay for your target gene of interest, please visit our GeneGlobe data base.



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