Which types and amounts of sample material can be processed for RNA extraction on the QIAsymphony SP?

The QIAsymphony RNA Kit enables purification of RNA from cultured cells and easy-to-lyse tissues, such as kidney, liver, and spleen on the QIAsymphony SP. A large-volume protocol is available that enables processing of larger sample amounts.

  • Cultured cells: up to 3x106 cells (standard protocol); up to 1x107 (large volume protocol)
  • Tissues: up to 20 mg of most tissues (standard protocol); up to 50 mg (large-volume protocol)

For particularly DNA-rich tissues, such as spleen or thymus, we recommend either using no more than half the maximum amount, or using DNase at a higher concentration (see the QIAsymphony RNA Handbook; additional DNase required).


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