Can customers use their own DNA size marker with the QIAxcel System and if yes, what concentration should be used?

The concentration of the DNA marker, pUC18/HaeIII, provided in the QIAxcel DNA Kits is 5ug/ml in 1XTE buffer solution. Customers can run their own DNA size marker sample with different concentration levels using the provided Methods (i.e. M500, H500, L500 and so on).

The recommended method for all basic applications with the QIAxcel System is the M500 method. The BioCalculator software also allows customers to choose their own Sample Injection Time in the Sequence table. The M500 method provides 5KV for 20 seconds for the electro-kinetic injection of lower concentrated DNA samples. If the Injection Time is doubled or tripled (40 or 60 sec), you can expect double or triple intensities (also peak heights).


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