3344 - What is the difference between the EpiTect Plus DNA Bisulfite kit compared to the classic kit?

The bisulfite conversion chemistry of the EpiTect Plus Kits remain unchanged compared to the classic EpiTect Bisulfite Conversion Kit. The only change made in the new kit has been the new columns which allow for a smaller elution volume. Since the Bisulfite conversion chemistry part is responsible for the Bisulfite conversion, use of the new kit does not have an effect on the conversion rate.  The EpiTect Plus Kits benefit from a smaller elution volume allowing it to be paired with methods that have less sample and allow direct isolation for cultured cells and blood cells using the LyseAll Bisulfite kit.  Another application is direct isolation and conversion of FFPE samples using the EpiTect Plus FFPE Lysis kit.  These isolate DNA directly from samples and bisulfite convert them before prior to isolation.

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