What to do if alignment marker and samples are migrating too slowly and the upper alignment marker does not appear on the gel- and/or electropherogram view with the QIAxcel System or QIAxcel Advanced?

Make sure the Gel Cartridge has been calibrated with the computer currently connected.  If not, please re-calibrate the Gel Cartridge.

Make sure the cartridge has equilibrated to room temperature (20°–25°C [68°– 77°F]) and stood upright in the cartridge stand for 20 min prior to use. Empty the buffer tray.

Wash the buffer tray in warm water and rinse thoroughly with deionized or reverse-osmosis water. Refill the buffer tray. Perform a control run with the alignment marker and bland samples (10 μl QX DNA Dilution Buffer). The marker bands should now appear within the chosen separation time.


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