How can I load new protocols onto the QIAcube?

  1. Download new protocols from Protocol Files section under the Resources on the QIAcube Connect webpage.

    Use the USB flash drive that was shipped with the QIAcube Connect to transfer the protocol files to the instrument. Create a new folder on the USB flash drive with the name  "Protocol_Upload" and copy the new protocol zip file(s) to this directory. Do not unzip the files. Make sure to use the correct directory; otherwise, the QIAcube Connect will not find the protocols. 
    Note: Do not rename or modify the protocol files. Otherwise, they cannot be used.

  2. Connect the USB flash drive to the QIAcube Connect using one of the USB ports at the left of the touchscreen. 
  3. Select the Configuration icon on the QIAcube Connect screen. 
  4. Select the Protocols tab. 
  5. Select Copy from USB
  6. A message is displayed indicating how many protocols are found on the USB flash drive. Press Yes to start uploading. 

    All protocol zip file(s) in the "Protocol_Upload" folder will be installed. 
    Note: Already installed protocols will not be overwritten. If you attempt to re-install an existing protocol, a message will appear indicating that not all protocols could be copied. 

  7. Wait until the transfer is complete. A message is displayed when the transfer is complete. 
  8. Remove the USB flash drive and power OFF the QIAcube Connect.
  9. Wait a few seconds and then power ON the QIAcube Connect. To use the new protocols, log in again. 

    To transfer all installed protocols to the USB flash drive, press Copy to USB.


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