What is the difference between various FlexiTube siRNAs listed for the same target gene, and which one should I choose?

Different Flexitube siRNAs for the same target gene vary slightly in their nucleotide sequence and exact position along the target. All of them were selected by the unique HiPerformance siRNA Design Algorithm and thus have a very high likelihood for knocking down the target gene efficiently. Knockdown achieved with siRNA designed by the HiPerformance algorithm is usually greater than 70%.

Consequently, any of the FlexiTube siRNAs listed in GeneGlobe for a given gene can be chosen for knockdown experiments. We strongly recommend to try at least two siRNAs for independent confirmation that the observed effects are due to specific knockdown of the targeted gene.

Flexitube siRNA comes with a one-time–only replacement offer. If 2 or more HP GenomeWide siRNAs for the same target gene are ordered and none of the siRNAs result in gene silencing, QIAGEN will provide 2 additional siRNAs free of charge, once only. Please visit our website, or contact QIAGEN Technical Services for details and required proof data.


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