What do you mean by “Quantification of locus representation” in REPLI-g WGA product?

By "quantification of locus representation" we refer to quantitative real-time PCR assays allowing exact quantification of target copy numbers present in DNA samples.

We have developed a real-time assay for two representative single-copy loci, WIAF-1004 and WIAF-699. The presence/absence of these loci in WGA amplified DNA is strongly correlated with the degree of degradation of the original input DNA. Details on this assay can be found in the publication by Yan et al. in BioTechniques 37: 136-143 (July 2004).

Locus representation is defined as the ratio of the copy number of a certain locus in REPLI-g amplified DNA to the copy number of the same locus in unamplified control gDNA employed at identical amounts in the same real-time PCR assay. Copy number of the REPLI-g product should be between 40% and 200% of the unamplified gDNA copy number, depending on the quality of the sample and template gDNA.


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