How long is fluorescence detectable in cells after transfection with fluorescently labeled siRNAs?

Cells transfected with Alexa-Fluor labeled siRNA still show detectable fluorescence 72 hours after transfection. Certain Alexa dyes, e.g. Alexa Fluor 546, are detectable up to one week after transfection. By comparison, when labeling siRNA with Rhodamine or Fluorescein, transfected cells should be monitored for transfection efficiency after 3-4 hours.

Since Alexa Fluor dyes are more photostable, more resistant to variable pH conditions while in transit through the cell, and much brighter than traditionally used fluorescent dyes, Alexa Fluor labeled HPP Grade siRNA is the ideal choice for monitoring transfection efficiency.

For data and additional details on using fluorescently labeled siRNA, refer to QIAGEN News article e20, 2004: 'Alexa Fluor labeled siRNA is highly effective for monitoring transfection efficiency'.


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