Is the DNA extracted with the QIAamp DNA FFPE Advanced Kits suitable for downstream applications that require more intact DNA such as long range PCR (>1 kb) and long read DNA sequencing?

DNA from FFPE samples is often fragmented, yielding DNA with a broad size distribution depending on multiple factors such as fixation and storage conditions.

The QIAamp DNA FFPE Advanced Kits provide an optimized workflow for extraction of DNA for use in short amplicon PCR, dPCR and next-generation sequencing analysis using targeted DNA panels. 
In case FFFPE samples are of high quality and allow the extraction of more intact DNA we offer a supplementary protocol for downstream applications that require larger DNA fragments. These applications include for instance large amplicon PCR (>0,5kb) and long read DNA sequencing.
High DNA integrity can be presumed if formalin fixation was less than 24 hours and the sample has been stored at low temperature (4-8°C or - 20°C) or for a short period of time (e.g. up to a few weeks). For these samples the  Supplementary Protocol “extraction of more intact DNA from FFPE tissue material using the QIAamp DNA FFPE Advanced Kits with Buffer LF” is suitable as it protects and best preserves the DNA size distribution present in the original FFPE sample during DNA extraction.
Please contact TechService to inquire about the supplementary protocol and the availability of Buffer LF.

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