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MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit

For the automated removal of PCR inhibitors from previously purified DNA using magnetic bead technology
  • Clean, inhibitor-free DNA with ClearMag magnetic bead technology
  • Fast removal of PCR inhibitors from previously purified DNA in under an hour
  • High DNA yield recovery using an automated high-throughput format
Looking for a high-throughput, automated method for cleaning contamination from previously isolated genomic DNA? The MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit utilizes a combination of ClearMag magnetic bead technology and Inhibitor Removal Technology in an automated, high-throughput format. The combined technologies remove humic substances, polyphenolics, polysaccharides, heme, dyes and other substances from previously isolated samples, providing clean DNA for qPCR and other downstream applications.

The MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit can process up to 20 μg of previously isolated genomic DNA and uses the same DNA purification chemistry as the DNeasy PowerClean Pro CleanUp Kit to provide a streamlined, hands-free workflow. Cleaned samples from a range of problematic sources including biofilms, stool, plants, water and soil have been validated as providing high-quality DNA. Samples discolored by dyes and high humic acid content can be cleared, allowing accurate DNA quantification by UV-VIS absorption. Cleaned DNA is ready for downstream applications including qPCR and next-generation sequencing.

While the MagAttract PowerClean DNA kit is optimized for use with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher platform, other platforms may be used.

The MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit was previously sold by MO BIO as the PowerMag DNA Cleanup Kit.

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Cat No./ID: 27900-4-KF
MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit (384)
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For the automated removal of PCR inhibitors from previously purified DNA using magnetic bead technology
The MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Figure 1. Highly pure, inhibitor-free DNA with the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit
Comparing DNA acquired from 0.25 grams of garden soil pre- and post-cleanup reveals high levels of contaminants before cleanup occurs. UV-absorbing contaminants skew DNA concentrations in a sample, as seen in the "Garden soil, no inhibitor removal" curves. UV-absorbing contaminants were removed from the DNA of the contaminated material technical replicates, using the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit.
Figure 2. High DNA recovery from input material with the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit.
A) Samples of garden soil were analyzed with and without inhibitor removal using a Qubit assay showing greater than 90% of the original input material. Note: NanoDrop analysis, as seen in Figure 1, has higher DNA concentrations due to overestimation common in NanoDrop analyses. B) Replicates processed with the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit show retention of dsDNA integrity throughout the cleanup process. (1.2% agarose gel).
Figure 3. Clean up for downstream processes using the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit
PCR inhibitors were removed from garden soil DNA replicates using the MagAttract PowerClean DNA Kit, as shown in the results of the 16s qPCR amplification analysis. Comparitively, pre-cleanup DNA only mildly responded to amplification after a 1:10 dilution.


Binding capacity 500 µg per 20 µl of beads
Format ClearMag Technology
Sample size Up to 100 µl
Sample types Previously purified DNA
Size range DNA Size Range 60 bp - 50 kb
Storage temperature Store at room temperature (15-30°C)
Throughput 96-well plate
Time per run or per prep Time Hands-on time: 6 minutes Time on robot: 45 minutes

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