QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit

For purification of viral RNA from cell-free body fluids


  • Rapid isolation of high-quality, ready-to use RNA
  • No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation
  • Consistent, high yields
  • Removal of contaminants and inhibitors

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QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit (50)

Cat. No. / ID: 61904

For 50 RNA preps: QIAamp Mini Spin Columns, Carrier RNA, Collection Tubes (2 ml), and RNase-free Buffers
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The QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product Details

The QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit provides silica-based viral RNA purification and sample concentration for those samples with low viral titers. The kit is designed for labs that process viral RNA for in vitro diagnostic use. The procedure can be fully automated on the QIAcube.


The QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit includes QIAamp Mini spin columns, which can be used in a microcentrifuge, automated on the QIAcube, or processed on vacuum manifolds (i.e., the QIAvac 24 Plus with VacConnectors and VacValves). The sample input volume is 140 µl. The QIAamp DSP Viral RNA mini Kit purifies viral RNA for downstream applications.


No phenol–chloroform extraction is required. Viral RNA binds specifically to the QIAamp silica membrane while contaminants pass through. PCR inhibitors, such as divalent cations and proteins, are removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving viral RNA to be eluted in either water or elution buffer provided with the kit.


Viral RNA binds selectively to the QIAamp silica membrane, and purified viral RNA is eluted in either water or elution buffer provided with the kit (see " QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit procedure"). If automating the QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit on the QIAcube instrument, the instrument may process fewer than 50 samples due to dead volumes, evaporation, and additional reagent consumption by automated pipetting. QIAGEN only guarantees 50 sample preps with manual use of the QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit.
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The QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit simplifies purification of viral RNA from cell-free body fluids, plasma (treated with anticoagulants other than heparin) or serum with fast, spin-column, or vacuum procedures.

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What can be used as an alternative to the A260 measurement for quantification of small amounts of RNA and DNA?

Small amounts of RNA and DNA may be difficult to measure spectrophotometrically. Fluorometric measurements, or quantitative RT-PCR and PCR are more sensitive and accurate methods to quantify low amounts of RNA or DNA.

Fluorometric measurements are carried out using nucleic acid binding dyes, such as RiboGreen® RNA Quantitation Reagent for RNA, and PicoGreen® DNA Quantitation Reagent for DNA (Molecular Probes, Inc.).

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