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Syndromic Testing

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Why did you go into medicine? Was it to improve the health of your community? To bring new life into the world? To give yourself an intellectual challenge? Whatever your motivation, the outcome is the same: You help others because #LifeMatters to you.

Now, let us help you by taking the guesswork out of your diagnostics.

With our fully automated diagnostic systems, we can help you get the answers you need, right when you need them. So you can help your patients get better, faster, and accomplish #WhatMatters to you.

With multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) panel testing for infectious diseases, there’s no longer any need to guess. In about an hour, you can get results for 20 or more pathogens. These tests show better analytical sensitivity than traditional methods and reduce the need for retesting, as more pathogens are detected the first time (1–4). 

And multiplex PCR assays are recommended by a number of international medical bodies for certain disease states (5). 

Your patients with infectious diseases need more than just medical treatment. They want you to tell them what’s making them sick and reassurance that the best course of action is being taken. If you don’t think they need an antibiotic, they need to know why. With multiplex PCR panel testing, you can give them a better experience by supplying them with a definitive answer.

But it’s not just about patient satisfaction. Multiplex PCR panel testing provides real, tangible benefits for patients by enabling better patient management:

Global antimicrobial resistance is growing, and the WHO lists resistance as one of the world’s most significant health threats. But evidence-based diagnostics can help us fight back. By knowing your enemy, you can use antibiotics more deliberately. Multiplex PCR panel tests are helping healthcare providers optimize their antibiotic use:

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Save on costs

The institutional savings start to add up when hospital admission, isolation procedures and antibiotic prescriptions are used more shrewdly. Several studies have shown that multiplex PCR panel testing can save on overall healthcare costs (2, 6, 8).

Get back to basics 

Want to learn more about how multiplex PCR testing works and how it can revolutionize the way you do medicine? Visit our resource hub to find infographics, recommended reading and more.
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How are other healthcare providers using multiplex PCR assays?

QIAstat-Dx is our answer to fast and convenient multiplex PCR assays. Learn how infectious disease experts are using QIAstat-Dx to improve diagnostics at their institutions around the world.

Take your testing on the go 

What if you could get a birds-eye-view of test status anytime, anywhere? It’s possible with QIAstat-Dx connectivity, powered by QIAsphere. Keep an eye on your testing with QIAstat-Dx’s bidirectional LIMS integration and suite of connectivity features. Learn more in our connectivity guide.
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Discover our small but mighty multiplex PCR platform 

The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer offers results for multiple bacterial and viral pathogens using just a single patient sample – all in about an hour. We think the QIAstat-Dx can revolutionize the way you do medicine.

Your compass for disease incidence and prevalence

Confidently navigate the ebb and flow of infectious diseases in your community – and beyond – with QIAsphere Insights. Track everything from pathogen diversity, to rates of co-detection, to Ct value measures. With QIAsphere Insights, the power of epidemiology is in your hands.

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For up-to-date licensing information and product-specific disclaimers, see the respective QIAGEN kit instructions for use or user operator manual. QIAGEN instructions for use and user manuals are available at www.qiagen.com or can be requested from QIAGEN Technical Services (or your local distributor).