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Syndromic Testing

QIAstat-Dx Connectivity

Your lab in the palm of your hand

 How much time would you save if you could use your phone to track the status of your diagnostic testing? And what if you could access around-the-clock instrument monitoring to reduce unplanned downtime? 

All this, and more, is possible with QIAstat-Dx connectivity, powered by QIAsphere*. With QIAstat-Dx connectivity, we offer you both bidirectional LIMS integration and a suite of connectivity features. Learn more in our connectivity guide.
Learn how to get connected
 Getting set up with QIAstat-Dx connectivity is easy. We'll run you through the connection process and show you how it can be tailored to your lab.
Delve into QIAstat-Dx cybersecurity
 Keeping your patients’ confidential information safe is critical. Review our cybersecurity protocols here.
More freedom with real-time alerts
 Track your QIAstat-Dx instrument status with push notifications sent to your mobile devices through the QIAsphere app. See when your tests have finished and if any reports should be viewed urgently. With status updates, incident alerts and priority report flagging, leave your QIAstat-Dx running while you take care of everything else.
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Demo the QIAsphere app now
We've set up a demo so you can see how easy it is to remotely track your QIAstat-Dx instruments. Try it on your phone or computer today.
Boost your QIAstat-Dx instrument uptime
 With remote services through QIAsphere, our technical support team is on standby, ready to identify and respond in real-time. If we detect a problem, we’ll proactively alert you and your QIAGEN rep. We'll provide updates and offer solutions. You don't have to make the first call, we’re already on it. We can help you remotely, or send a technician to your lab.
Proactive and predictive

Our technical support team is ready to identify issues in real-time, and even in advance.

Informed across the board

We'll alert you and your QIAGEN representative at the same time, so we're all on the same page.

Automatic action

We'll call you with updates and resolutions. Our technicians can be sent when needed to speed up repairs.

Results for 19 QIAsphere-connected QIAstat-Dx Analyzers
QIAstat-Dx instrument uptime minus unplanned downtime
§ The number of valid runs divided by the total number of runs
Get connected
Ready to upgrade your QIAstat-Dx Analyzer with connectivity? Contact our expert team today.
Easily send and receive reports
  • The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer connects bidirectionally with your hospital LIMS or EHR system, providing: 
  • Ct values for every detected target reported to the LIMS
  • Streamlined interface to consolidate data to one place
  • Bidirectional connectivity with automated communication
  • Qualitative patient results that accessible from any place in the hospital
Enhance surveillance at your institution and beyond

You'll never lose sight of the big picture with our on-demand epidemiology dashboard. Quickly and easily visualize epidemiology trends across your institution using data from your QIAstat-Dx instruments. Track positivity rates, co-infection rates, pathogen diversity and more. This crucial information can inform your institution’s surveillance efforts, or even support epidemiological surveillance programs at public health organizations worldwide.

*Some features require a QIAstat-Dx Connectivity plan. Flexible plans are available to meet your needs.

The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer is intended for in vitro diagnostic use. 
Product availability may differ from country to country based on regulations and approvals. Contact your country representative for further details.