Life Science Grants

Young Scientist Research Grant

This grant is now closed.

Are you an MSc or PhD student with an exciting research idea, but not enough funding to pursue it? If so, we’re here to support you.

We’re offering early-career scientists working on cancer, microbiome/microbiology or sustainability research the chance to apply for one of five grants, each comprising:

  • $10,000 in QIAGEN consumables*
  • a one-year CLC Workbench Premium license worth $5,000

You’ll also have the chance to showcase your research on our website and social media channels.

Imagine the difference this could make to your research.

Simply share your ideas and challenges with us by completing the application form below by midnight CEST (6 p.m. EDT) on May 15, 2022.

Our panel of experts will select the winning submissions for each of the following life science research areas: cancer, microbiome/microbiology and sustainability. One grant will also be reserved for an MSc student working in any one of these areas.

We're only accepting applications from students enrolled or accepted in an MSc or PhD program. You're research must also apply to one of the following life science research areas: cancer, microbiome/microbiology or sustainability.

We are offering a consumables package worth up to US$10,000 and a one-year license for CLC Workbench Premium worth US$5,000. For the consumables package, the grant recipient can select any products from our life science consumables portfolio.

*Please see the full terms and conditions  for more information.

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