Cancer Research
Cancer Research

Let's work to conquer cancer. Together.

Accelerate your cancer research

Great progress has been made by scientists and physicians dedicated to cancer research, but a lot of increasingly complex questions remain to be answered – to discover new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

The QIAGEN Cancer Research Community is for dedicated and passionate cancer researchers. We are working to conquer cancer with an emphasis on collaborating together worldwide to share knowledge, methods and data to enable breakthroughs in cancer research.

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Stars of cancer research

Get up close and personal with star cancer researchers from around the world. Read about their experiences, thoughts and visions. 
Digital PCR for monitoring MRD in AML

Join us for the Cancer Research Lecture by Dr. Amanda Winters on the role of digital PCR in monitoring measurable residual disease (MRD) and guiding tailored therapy in acute myeloid leukemia patients.

Learning objectives:

  • Define MRD in the context of leukemia and its clinical relevance
  • Identify dPCR as a molecular MRD modality and learn how it compares to other molecular MRD platforms
  • Understand how molecular MRD can be used to generate hypotheses about AML disease biology
EV biomarker webinar on-demand

Finding relevant exosome and EV biomarkers to detect and monitor diseases is a challenge faced by many researchers. Ultimately the goal is to help physicians make informed decisions, but the path from biomarker research to real-world application is not always easy.

Watch our webinar on-demand as our panel of experts discuss:

  • The present and future outlook for exosomes and EVs
  • How to develop biomarkers for real-world application
  • How to reliably isolate intact exosomes, EVs and RNA
EVbiomarker webinar
Cell-free DNA from liquid biopsies – from biomarker research to personalized medicine
Recordings of talks and discussions from our November Cancer Research Virtual Conference are now available here. Enjoy talks by well-known cancer researchers and Ask-Me-Anything sessions with tips and tricks about:  
  • Sample collection/stabilization and cfDNA purification
  • Next-generation sequencing of SNVs, CNVs and methyl markers and data analysis
  • Digital PCR in cancer research

QIAGEN Cancer Research Online Events are webinars and online discussions for cancer researchers. Join our talks about cancer genomics, liquid biopsy or RNA biomarker discovery. Get access to recordings and presentations from our past events.

Consortia and initiatives – we're working together

QIAGEN participates in numerous renowned international consortia, grant projects and initiatives that strive to improve global healthcare.  They extend and access networks and infrastructures – and stimulate exchange between all relevant stakeholders – from science, medicine and government. Our active role in consortia  and initiatives keeps QIAGEN at the forefront of scientific findings and developments.

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