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Room temperature sample stabilization and preservation on a simple card format

QIAcard FTA Technology is a chemically coated cellulose matrix. The impregnated chemistry is capable of lysing cells upon contact and denatures proteins. Released DNA is trapped on the card and protected from degradation.

QIAcard FTA provides a remarkably easy way to collect, isolate and store nucleic acid samples for analysis. Apply almost any type of biological sample to the FTA matrix and the nucleic acids are instantly captured and preserved without the need for refrigeration.

Nucleic acids remain immobilized on the matrix at room temperature, ready for analysis days, months or sometimes years later. Scientists rely on FTA technology for the detection of plant or insect transmitted pathogens, plant DNA identification or for detecting Genetically Modified Organisms. FTA cards can also be utilized for plasmid storage and transport or drug metabolism pharmacokinetics. QIAGEN offers several downstream options for analysis of FTA-bound samples.

These include direct PCR amplification of eluates from regular FTA cards or amplification of nucleic acids released from the matrix using the FTA Elute formats. Elution of nucleic acids from the FTA matrix is now even more efficient.