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Custom Multimodal Panels

Robust library conversion and enrichment chemistry

Successful design of custom NGS panels requires a major investment in time, effort and costs. Limiting factors include identifying the right targets, selecting an appropriate design approach and optimizing performance, while the long turnaround times associated with manufacturing present an additional challenge. Our custom multimodal sequencing panels – based on proprietary QIAseq Single Primer Extension (SPE) technology – deliver robust library conversion and enrichment chemistry, enabling you to overcome the limitations of conventional 2-primer amplicon chemistry. Custom multimodal panels generate high-complexity libraries and deliver complete target coverage, even for complex GC-rich regions such as CEBPA and TERT promoter, minimizing drop-outs and false negatives. Scalable enrichment of a few or up to hundreds of gene targets in a single tube and reproducible performance reduce design optimization cycles, giving you a faster turnaround time to delivery.