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November 3, 2022 | Genomics

Expert insights: Unlocking the future of targeted NGS

From intelligent NGS panel design to high-precision data

The journey towards variant detection can be long and laborious, often riddled with uncertainties. All DNA fragments look the same. So you may often find yourself wondering whether you’re looking at a true variant or just an artifact. Distinguishing between a PCR error and a low-frequency mutation is yet another dilemma. Coverage gaps could be adding to your growing list of challenges. Endless bead purifications and multi-step targeted NGS library prep workflows mean you may be struggling to finish your day’s work on time while feeling the endless pressure to publish. 

If you are perpetually plagued with these perplexing questions and overwhelmed about choosing the right targeted NGS panels for your project, read on. 

We recently chatted with Dr. Barnaby Clark from Kings College Hospital about his experiences with targeted sequencing and, ultimately, the choice of NGS panels for his projects.

Here is what he had to say.
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Transform your targeted DNA sequencing

We know getting results faster is on every scientist’s wish list. With our new QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro Panels, we’ve cut the number of pipetting steps by 2/3, reduced hands-on time from 4 hours to just 1.7 hours and introduced faster thermal cycling. You can now go from sample to sequencing in just one day. Plus, enjoy the automation-friendly protocol enhancements for your lab’s liquid handler. 
Barnaby Clark, Kings College, DNA-seq
"The hands-on time of the QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro library prep is around 6 hours, which means that we can do a library prep within a day. This is very attractive for cancer research labs where the turnaround times are short."
Dr. Barnaby Clark, Laboratory Lead for Precision Medicine at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Ready to step into the future of targeted sequencing? Get acquainted with QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro Panels in our resource hub, plus access useful webinars, resources and more. 

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