Research into the skin microbiome, especially how cosmetics can affect the microbiome to provide benefits for the consumer, can be very complex. In vivo studies are often required, with precision as a crucial factor in identifying and quantifying species successfully. Digital PCR is emerging as a promising method for amplifying precision and simplifying lab protocols. In this webinar, the Skin Microbiome Specialist for Natura Cosmetics, Joice Savietto, presents how the digital PCR technique is being implemented at the company to obtain safe and efficient products.
About the speaker
Joice Savietto,
Joice Savietto is a Biologist, Phytochemistry MSc. who’s been dedicated to studying the skin microbiome for the last five years. She works as a Skin Microbiome Specialist at Natura, the largest Brazilian cosmetics company and part of Natura and Co, a group that comprises Natura, Avon and The Body Shop. There, she aims to integrate the microbiome and skin physiology creating opportunities for better understanding how skin interacts with the environment, aging and the role of microbiome in this complex scenario.
Date of recording:Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Duration:60 minutes
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